Membership Information

Fees and Requirements for 2014

Member Dues and Fees

Member Dues

Individual-Show Skier
$150.00   | $200.00 in Raffle sales
First Year Show Skier
$150.00  | $100.00 in Raffle sales
Collegiate Skier
$150.00  | *Dues or Raffle Tickets*
Member Non-Skier/Junior Skier
$75.00   | Parents volunteer hours
Individual-Non-Skiing Adult

USA & WI Water Ski Dues

Family-1st Skiing Member
Family-2nd Skiing Member
Family-3rd Skiing Member
Family-Non-Skiing Members

The Details

•All Drivers and spotters need to have USA Water Ski memberships. Boat Drivers and Spotters Will have their USA Water Ski membership subsidized by River City at the end of the ski season.

• Junior Member Non-show skier is for new members to participate in Skier development practice 2 days a week. In the afternoon only. Schedule will be determined later.

• Full payment is required before participating in open water (river) practices or shows.

• For raffle tickets a $200.00 or $100.00 check will be collected at the same time as dues and held until July 8th to be deposited.

• 20-service hours is required.

Minor ( under 18 ) child joining the team must have a parent join with them.

As in most sporting activities, there is risk of injury requiring medical attention. We recommend that a parent or guardian attends all practices and shows since local medical centers require consent to treat your child.

Rules and Requirements

• Read Member’s Handbook.
• Attend practices regularly.
• No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, smoking, or bad language before, during or after practices.
• Become a member of USA Water Ski (Pay Directly to USA Water Ski )
• WWSF (included in club membership)
• Volunteer with at least one committee.
Downloadable Forms
USA WaterSki Membership Form | Due Information Sheet | Member(s) Registration Sheet | Get Adobe Reader Here

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Membership Information